Poland Spring Resort Reviews

COUNTRY DISCOVERIES Steeped in history and filled with charm, this resort must be one of Maine’s best-kept secrets. Come see for yourself!

"A weekend package at the Poland Spring Inn is a real deal. I had indeed gotten more than I paid for."

"It seemed too grand...too elegant for our cheapo weekend...$79.00 per person for two nights, including meals! There is probably no golfing bargain quite like it in New England."

"Their resort, The Inns at Poland Spring, stands as one of the last bargains of the 20th Century."

"The Poland Spring experience, we had to agree that it was an experience all right - and a pleasant one at that."

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Dear Cyndi, Lou and i have been celebrating our anniversary here at Poland Spring for the past 7 years :) and each time we come, we get renewed refreshed and more committed to our marriage. Thank you for keeping the Poland Spring Family your family. Cherry and Lou M 7/29/2013

July 1, 2010
We were fortunate enough to choose Poland Spring Resort for our family reunion on this past Memorial Day weekend. There were 75 of us and each and every one of us had a wonderful time. Our compliments to the management and staff of this wonderful inn! The hospitality was unrivaled. There were a large number of children in our group and we never had a complaint about them or from them. There wasn't an “I’m bored” all weekend. The meals were also excellent and the older generation totally enjoyed the front veranda and their bird’s eye view of the goings and comings of all the guests.

Our compliments again on a well-run and enjoyable resort. You truly know the meaning of the word “hospitality!”

Barbara Waltham, Massachusetts

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